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Brewery Pi Naming Recommendation

First if there is any terminology in this post you to not understand, check out this S88 post. We have some recommendations for naming that we have found useful as the system grows and more is added to it.


We recommend using abbreviations for enterprise, site, area, element, and even parts of tag names. This keeps your tag names unique but also manageable in length. Brewery Pi has a specific field for abbreviations for enterprise, site and area. With elements, in the name field we recommend using an abbreviation; the description field can be used to spell out the element name. In the tags name field, we recommend using abbreviations down to the property level, see the property section S88 post at the link above for more detail on property naming. There are a few key points for abbreviations:


As mentioned above numbering ensures you will not have to use multiple abbreviations for multiple pieces of similar equipment. We recommend following the abbreviation directly with the instance number with no spaces in between (LT1 for Lauter Tun 1). In these documents, if referring to a general element that has multiple intances, we will designate the number or numbers used with a capital X (LTX for Lauter Tun X). One very important thing to think about when numbering is that in many systems, when you order by name, you need multi-digit numbering in order for the names to be sequential. For example, typically you would order the numbers 1, 2, 3, 10, 15, 23 like this if doing it numerically. However, when a computer organizes these as strings, it does it alphabetically and numerically one character at a time, so the computer’s order would be 1, 10, 15, 2, 23, 3. This is obviously not so intuitive for a brewer! Following these key points will help avoid confusion:


As mentioned in the abbreviations section, we recommend not using spaces as a separator when stringing abbreviations together to make tag names. This can just add complication with integrations to various other systems that need special syntax to be able to deal with a space in a name. Of course, other symbols can be problematic for certain systems too, so here are some key points:

Putting It All Together

Who thought tag naming would be so complicated? The key is by taking into account these considerations from the start you can create clear and unique tag names that can be uniform across lots of technology systems, which will make your life much easier in the long run. To put it all together, we recommend using all the S88 levels up to the site level in every tag name; to be really thorough, you can also include the enterprise level. From left to right, start with the most general level, and then get more specific. Here are some key points: