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Brewery Pi Hardware

The list that follows below, is a list of physical items needed for your Brewer Pi system. I’ve also included links for each item that you can buy from Amazon. These are the items I have purchased for my Brewery Pi system. You’re not required to buy these exact items so feel free to shop around. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time researching the different options and vendors, the links below will get you started quickly. And if you have access to an Amazon Prime account, shipping is free. As of 12/02/2017, these items totalled $60.89 on Amazon.

The Micro SD Card Reader listed below is optional.

1. Raspberry Pi

This is the computer that Brewery Pi will run on.

Raspberry Pi on Amazon $34.50

2. Raspberry Pi Power Supply

This supplies power, from an outlet, to the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Power Supply on Amazon $9.99

3. Memory Card

This is the disk for the Raspberry Pi. This will store the Brewery Pi application and data.

Memory Card on Amazon $9.90

4. Raspberry Pi Case

We all know that a brewery can be a wet and dusty environment. While a case is not necessarily required, I’d recommend one to protect your Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Case on Amazon $6.50

5. Micro SD Card Reader - Optional

You’ll need to be able to write to the memory card listed above. You (or someone you know) probably already have this capability. Many laptops and computers have these card readers built into them as these memory cards are commonly used in phones, cameras, etc. If not, you can buy a Micro SD Card Reader that plugs into your computer via a USB port.

Eventually the Brewery Pi project may have an option when you buy a Memory Card to have it pre loaded with the Brewery Pi system. Until then, you’ll need to do it on your own.

SD and Micro SD Card Reader on Amazon $7.99