Brewery Pi


Affordable Data Collection for Craft Brewers.

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The Brewery Pi project is a historian (for now) designed for craft brewers to allow them to quickly collect and visualize their brewing data enabling them to leverage it to help make better beer for all of us. Craft brewers operate on a tight budget, so Brewery Pi was designed to run on a Raspberry Pi (starting with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B) allowing a craft brewery to get started with an investment around $60 USD for the necessary hardware.

Getting Started Quickly

Looking to get started quickly? Check out the Getting Started Quickly tutorial.

Sample Screenshots

Data Entry

Sample user interface for entering fermentation data.

Event Frame Dashboard

Data Visualization

Fermentation data visualized.

Event Frames Graph

Digital Fermentation Board

Sample digital fermentation “white board” as seen throughout most breweries.

Active Event Frame Summary

Comparing Multiple Fermentations for Consistency

Overlaying multiple batches by brand, for example, to check for consistency from batch to batch is simple.

Event Frames Overlay